client stories

“Dr. Susan Silver saved my life.   She was both compassionate and tough in the therapy I received from her.   Rather than analyzing my life history she delved into my recent past and gave me very practical advice.  This allowed me to not only survive my severe depression and anxiety but it allowed me to eventually thrive.   I am so forever thankful to her for everything she did for me.  She gave me hope and optimism.     I highly recommend Dr. Silver.” 


“It was important to me to find a therapist that made me feel heard and offered tangible solutions, suggestions, and feedback that were aligned with the type of person I wanted to be. For the first time, I found that with Dr. Susan Silver. Her methods are truly remarkable. She is kind and helped me feel completely safe. I found myself telling her things I never thought I could open up to anyone about. Working through personal issues is difficult and it is extremely helpful and comforting to feel as though you have someone in your corner going through this with you and offering support. I can honestly say I have never been happier and I have developed tools and techniques to help me live my life in a way that I have always wanted to.” 


“After several years as a client of Dr. Susan Silver’s, I’ve made good progress and have thought about what made therapy with her so effective. Susan quickly understood and remembered the details of my history in an energetic, focused approach. She’s been perceptive, compassionate and authentic. Rather than allowing me to fall into a rut of repetitiveness, she actively challenged my thoughts and feelings with alternative ideas in a non-threatening way. Therapy with Susan has been a very rewarding experience.” 


“…The bottom line is that coming to Dr. Silver has been the best investment I have ever made in myself and I highly encourage anyone considering therapy-for any reason-to meet with her.”


I met Dr. Silver in 2014, at a point in my life where I felt a bit lost. We have worked together consistently over the last several years and, with her help and guidance, it has been a complete pleasure to grow into a secure, confident, and insightful woman. I look forward to my time with Dr. Silver and have cherished her becoming an essential part of my life. The most incredible characteristic of Dr. Silver is her ability to know me and the integral people in my life, as well as know the stories and events in my past and present life. She truly shows a vested interest in me, and it is this quality that allows me to feel safe and valued when I am with her. Her attention to detail in my life has made me feel as though Dr. Silver is a close friend of mine. I often forget that she is the doctor and I am the patient, or that there are other patients she is helping, because most of the time I feel as though all her attention is directed toward me and our relationship. I can’t imagine I’d be where I am without Dr. Silver, and I can’t imagine I’ll get where I need to be without her continued presence in my life. “


“Thank you for everything. You really did save my life. Your professionalism and caring touch helped me tremendously. I deeply appreciate all you have done for me.”